Support, protect, and conserve animals and wildlife (i.e., Wildlife Conservation Organizations, Hunting and Fishing Conservation, Pet and Animal Welfare Organizations, Zoos and Aquariums).

Arts & Crafts

Help preserve artistic and cultural heritage. (i.e., Public Broadcasting and Media, Museums and Art Galleries, Libraries and Historical Societies and Performing Arts).

Community Development

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. They function to support and revitalize communities, especially those that are impoverished or struggling.


Education charities work and serve students from every age group, pre-school to graduate school and beyond. (i.e., Private Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools, Scholarships…


Environmental charities focus on preservation, appreciation, and sustainable development for the environment (i.e., Environmental Conservation and Protection, Parks and Nature Centers).


Health charities cover everything from supporting and treating people who are sick and disabled, working on cures for diseases, and even promote public awareness (i.e.,…

Human Services

Help support Children’s and Family Services, Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Food Distribution, Homeless Services, Multipurpose Human Service Organizations, Social Services, Youth Development, Shelter, and…

International NGO’s

NGO charities do a lot of work in numerous other locations and countries (i.e., International Development NGOs, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian NGOs, Conservation NGOs, Child…


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